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All our classes and books are provided FREE to any non-Muslims or Muslims who wish to attend and learn about Islam. You can sponsor any individual book, or the entire course for a human being who is looking for the truth. Select the items below that you’d like to sponsor, and proceed to checkout. Note: these items will not be posted to you, but will be provided free of charge to our students, and your reward will be with Allah SWT.

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It’s important for us to protect
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Trusted Organisation

We have beenhelping non-Muslims and New Muslims for over 10 years, and are the largest revert support organisation in Australia.

Ongoing Rewards

When you donate to us, we teach people to be practicing Muslims, and you get a copy of that reward forever!

Clear Results

More than 500 people have accepted Islam through our free education and support programs, by God’s will, help us keep going!

Donation Opportunities

Complete Sponsorship
of One Student

Includes all classes, as well as all resources that we provide, everything free of charge.


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Sponsor a new Muslim

Our courses are completely free! But we also want to make all the books, resources, DVD’s, and instructional prayer mats free too. We never want money to be a barrier to someone becoming Muslim or learning to practice.


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My Belief – Essentials Gift Pack

This pack includes an instructional prayer mat, that new Muslims can use to learn to pray whils standing on it. It also includes an English translation of the Quran, in an easy to read translation.


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Pocket Quran

This mini version of the Quran includes English only, no Arabic, so we can give them freely to non-Muslim. The transaltion is the globally recognised “Saheeh International” translation, which is both accurate as well as being easy to read in modern english.


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The New Musim Guide Textbook

This is the core textbook used throughout the course. It includes graphics and illustrations for a very engaging read. Chapters include: Tawheed, the 5 pillars of Islam, the 6 articles of faith, and much more. It’s a brilliant reference book for new Muslims to keep for years.


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A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

Our favourite resource to give to non-Muslims who are still finding out about Islam. The Quran is too much to give to someone who is just starting out, so we use this guide to give basic information about the scientific mircales of the Quran, as well as the prophecies about Muhammad PBUH in the previous scriptures.


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